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 Boomerang – Executive Summary

The Need

Based on interviews with executives in several of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Western Europe, it soon became apparent they need to improve their product communications programs aimed at their customers – practitioners and patients. These global companies confirmed that medical practitioners are inundated by product marketing messages when what the practitioners really need are educational/training programs which keep them up-to-date on disease states and appropriate therapies. These companies are aware that patients are at the receiving end of product slogans that often do not connect to their primary concern which is – how does a drug impact their quality of life when they are ill. This primary concern goes beyond relief and relates to the number of times patients have to take the drug, the side effects, and how taking the drug affects their daily lives. The communication gap between pharmaceutical companies and their customers is compounded by the fact that the companies’ product communications programs are typically broadcast via low-impact, mass-market media such as brochures, journal ads, TV ads, etc. In addition to being low-impact, these media are expensive to update and therefore rarely carry current information. To resolve this dilemma, pharmaceutical companies continually seek innovative product communications programs that have high impact on their target customers.

The Response

BOOMERANG develops pharmaceutical product communications programs which provide 1) practitioners with up-to-the-minute disease-state and therapeutic educational/training programs for which they can receive mandatory Continuing Medical Education credit, and 2) patients with user-friendly product quality of life information. BOOMERANG has selected the Internet as its chosen broadcast medium, since it has great potential for high-impact interactivity, can be updated rapidly and cost-effectively, and has the international outreach that the thirty largest pharmaceutical companies want.

BOOMERANG will achieve these aims by 1) adapting pharmaceutical product information (for both the practitioner and the patient) for Webcast, and 2) extracting patient quality of life information (from clinical trials) which will enrich the product message being Webcast to the patient post-launch. BOOMERANG creates added-value to these medically-based Webcasts by adapting each communication program to the language & medical regulations of each major Western European pharmaceuticals market.

BOOMERANG’s Achievements to Date

BOOMERANG has developed extensive relations with several of the largest Western European pharmaceutical companies. These companies include: Novartis (merger of Sandoz and Ciba-Geigy), Hoechst, Bayer, Hoffmann-La Roche, Rhone-Poulenc Rorer, SmithKline Beecham, Lipha, and Synthelabo. BOOMERANG has tested and validated its offer during personal meetings with executives at these companies and will capitalize on these relationships at company launch.

BOOMERANG is currently developing a medically-based product communications prototype for Novartis’s Internet site. Novartis, headquartered in Switzerland, is the largest pharmaceutical company in the world.


The founders will create a holding company in July 1997 by investing $80,000 at a nominal share price of $20. BOOMERANG Pharmaceutical Communications will seek an additional $220,000 during 1997 in exchange for 48% of common stock (at $60 per share). The total of $300,000 will primarily be used for working capital and operating expenses (fixed assets will account for $65,000 in the first year). Sales projections for the fifth year are $3.6 million, with net income of $702,000. The 48% equity investment of $220,000 will yield a 42% internal rate of return. Five-year cash flows yield a company net present value of $1.4 million.


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