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 AudioRush – Management Team

The management consists of a President, Christianne Brunelle, and VP Marketing, Ranya El-Masri. Aside from being accomplished and ambitious young women, they share an interest in electronic music and culture. They both have the rare combination of masters-level business school training combined with a connection to a largely underground musical revolution.

Christianne Brunelle has a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from McGill University, and has just completed her MBA with a double major in Strategy and Marketing at the same institution. She has held positions as:

  • Office Manager for International Publishing & Development Inc., (which had just opened their first office in Quebec, and required an entrepreneurial mindset)
  • Special Projects Consultant for Dino Gaspari Inc., a high-end women’s outerwear designer/manufacturer
  • Business Development Analyst for Rio Tinto Iron & Titanium Inc., part of the largest mining company in the world, Rio Tinto

Her strengths include strong analytical, creative and communications skills, combined with great leadership potential. She was the President of her Student Society, and while studying full-time launched a cooperative student Cafe that was such an abundant success that it became a business model for other entrepreneurs. She has always been a music buff, with a collection of over 500 CDs, over 300 of which are electronic.

Ranya El-Masri has a Bachelor of Science in Physiology & Biotechnology, and has also just completed her MBA at McGill University, with a major in Marketing, and a focus in Finance. She has held positions as:

  • Analyst / research assistant at the Cardiology Department Lab., McGill University
  • Manager of a clothing retail outlet
  • Founder, and partner of a specialty clothing retail outlet in Montreal “VIBES”
  • Project Associate at Novartis Pharmaceuticals, Marketing department, specialty business unit

Her strengths include a keen entrepreneurial sense, and strong analytical, networking and guerrilla marketing skills. Her previous entrepreneurial experience was with electronic music fans, where she succeeded to effectively market and promote VIBES to this audience and turn it into a very profitable operation.

Employees will have several employees, such as an Artistic Director, Pawel Karwowski, for screening music selections; an in-house lawyer (to be hired) for writing contracts; a Communications Director, Tracey Peever, for writing site content; and customer support staff. Mr. Karwowski is an accomplished musician (he has 5 years of formal classical guitar and music theory training), and has been involved in the evolution of the Montreal music community for several years. More importantly he is extremely current in the genre, and is a respected opinion leader. Ms. Peever is a graduate of the word-renowned Concordia Communications program, and has experience both as a journalist and working for Stylus, an Internet communications solutions provider.
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