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Airex – Management and Organization

The background and know-how of AIREX’s directors are critical factors supporting its growth. Also very useful, will be the combination of expertise in commercial, technical, operation and information technology areas.

AIREX will provide competence in developing new markets and finding the best solutions for customers’ waste problems. This will be very important when the customer does not know the appropriate destination for his or her residue.

AIREX’s management comprises five partners whose backgrounds are in Engineering and Business Administration, with combined experiences in the Electronic Industry, Telecommunications, Banking and Consulting, and in areas such as Production, Process Engineering, Maintenance, Logistics, Information Technology, Quality, Project Management, Energy and Cost Accounting.

The company will be managed by only two of the directors (David de Pinho Filho and Marcelo Chao) on a full time basis due to margin constraints (from the beginning of operations until the second year). The other three directors will support the operations on a part time basis (evenings and weekends) and will become more active as the margins allow (one per year from the third until the fifth year).

The directors’ way of thinking is based on experience. It defines AIREX’s values and is fundamental to the company’s business:

  • Preservation of the environment is the main aim of our company. Each operation must be ecologically correct in order to save nature. This ecological feeling will drive the business.
  • Satisfying the customer is a top priority. AIREX must be known as a customer driven company with the intention of providing world quality products and services in order to add value in customer’s business. Thus, AIREX intends to deliver quality in all its activities.
  • AIREX aims to become a profitable company, to create value to the shareholders and to provide a sustainable growth for company.
  • Valuing people is the most important factor for the company to reach its objectives. Each employee must enjoy working for AIREX.

A brief description of the company’s management team is shown below. The complete resumes are presented in the Annex 2. Each director is a founder of the company, and the five are completing their MBA’s at Fundacao Getulio Vargas in Sao Paulo.

David de Pinho Filho: Operational director
David is a Production Department Head at Philips do Brasil. He is a Mechanical Engineer and will be responsible for:

  1. Operations and logistics,
  2. Maintenance,
  3. Quality control, and
  4. Management (supervisors, drivers and sorters).

Marcelo Chao: Marketing and strategy director
Marcelo is a Marketing and Sales Consultant at Equitel, a Siemens telecommunication company located in Brazil. He is a Civil Engineer and his expertise is in:

  1. Strategic planning,
  2. Marketing management (advertising, sales promotion, merchandising and public relations),
  3. Market development, and
  4. Pricing policy.

Oscar Gundim Junior: Administrative director
Oscar is a Production Department Head at Philips do Brasil. He is a Mechanical Engineer and will be responsible for:

  1. Financial management,
  2. Accounting, and
  3. Human resources management.

Paulo Jose de Figueiredo da Fonseca: Technology director

Paulo is a Project Manager at Siemens do Brasil. He is an Electric Engineer and will perform the following items:

  1. Research and development,
  2. Information technology, and
  3. Technical consulting.

Shie Yoen Fang: Purchase and sales director
Fang is a consultant and is working for Credicard Mastercard. He has a degree in Business Administration and will be responsible for:

  1. Purchasing,
  2. Sales, and
  3. Customer service.


Table of Contents Appendices
1. Executive Summary
2. Business Description
3. Products and Services
4. Marketing Plan
5. Operational Plan
6. Management and Organization
7. Capital Structure
8. Financial Projections
9. Conclusion
Depreciation Schedule
Letters of Reference
Resumes of Management
General Assumptions
Detailed Cash Flow
All information herein is confidential and belongs to AIREX.
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