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Airex – Operational Plan

AIREX has developed an interesting concept of an integrated chain between the waste generators and recyclers, bringing conveniences for all industries at competitive prices. The key point is the complete solution for all kinds of waste, giving them the right destination in a safe way. It is important to mention that with this system, an industry will need to contact only one company in order to solve all of its waste problems.


Specialized solutions – Through its years of experience, our enterprise will acquire additional expertise and know-how in solving specific residue problems. Eventually, the most common solutions can be formatted and sold as products. For example, during our practice we can develop a solution for a certain type of used oil. In some cases, the solution can be applied to other companies, and we can sell it to them as a product.


The collection and transport will be made with trucks. We will take a special precaution (including legal obligations and ISO 14000) with the waste.


Before going to the recyclers, the scrap must be sorted. Thus, after collection, the waste goes to a special area to be sorted and prepared for the next step in the value chain. The appropriate care is taken in order to permit the improved recycling process. On our premises, initially with 10,000 sq. ft., we will have the following operational equipment: trucks, lift trucks, tractors, pressing machines, cranes, conveyors, buckets and scales.


This point is one of the AIREX’s key success factors. After being sorted and bundled, the waste goes to the right place where it will receive the correct treatment. We will develop a program of long-term partnerships with waste processors in order to reduce costs through higher operational efficiency and to guarantee quality.


According to our concept, people are the main resource that the company has to offer and are a key factor for success. Thus, the complete training, including the knowledge of legal aspects and innovation developments in the environmental area, will be a continuous priority and target for investment.

Our headquarters will be located in the Sao Paulo metropolitan area. This location will provide convenient contact with the main industries and governmental groups (e.g. CETESB). In addition, we will implement a very flat structure where there will be a supervisor who will give full assistance in the area of waste management to a group of industries located in the same region.


Table of Contents Appendices
1. Executive Summary
2. Business Description
3. Products and Services
4. Marketing Plan
5. Operational Plan
6. Management and Organization
7. Capital Structure
8. Financial Projections
9. Conclusion
Depreciation Schedule
Letters of Reference
Resumes of Management
General Assumptions
Detailed Cash Flow
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