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Airex – Products and Services

AIREX will provide the following products and services to their customers:

  1. Waste management : we will manage the waste of our customers by allocating a trained supervisor on their premises. This supervisor will take care of all residues with regard to selective collection, storage and delivery. When the amount of waste is enough to fill one truck, AIREX’s supervisor will contact the central office to collect it.
  2. Waste collecting: we will collect all the material rejected by our customers, sending it to a recycling company in case it is recyclable, or properly disposing of it otherwise.
  3. Waste disposal: if the material is non-recyclable we will send it to companies to destroy or dispose of in a safe way. We will guarantee that the waste process is at the minimum in accordance with the current law and that it is certified by CETESB3 in the case of toxic waste treatment.
  4. Technical consulting: in order to increase the value of waste (e.g., paper in bundles has more value than untied paper), we will consult on different options of managing waste taking into consideration risk and cost/benefits and the present legislation of residues treatment and disposal.

Although it is possible to provide these services individually, the main objective of AIREX is to provide a complete solution to our customers. We intend to provide them with a total package of services. This is the innovative approach of our venture. We call it TOTAL SOLUTION®.

3 CETESB is Sal Paulo public agency for technology and environment control.


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9. Conclusion
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