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Airex – Business Description

AIREX is a service company designed to offer waste management services to large and medium-sized companies looking for complete solutions to their waste problems. AIREX will be located in the city of Mogi das Cruzes, which is 50 km northeast of Sao Paulo. AIREXwill initially service the city of Sao Paulo and its neighborhoods, an area that includes more than 30% of the Brazilian GDP.

What does a waste manager do?
Modern waste managers improve the environmental quality and the economic cost of managing waste. Environment sustainable waste management systems must reduce as much as possible the environmental impacts of waste disposal, including energy consumption, pollution of land, air and water and loss of amenity. Economically sustainable waste management systems must operate at an acceptable cost. There will always be the need to balance the environmental quality of a waste management system against its economic cost.

Why is waste management an opportunity not to be missed?
Traditionally, waste has been the last concern among businessmen. Waste is generally something that companies need to get rid of, preferably at the lowest possible cost. This attitude, however, is rapidly changing. Modern society is urging for environment control, and this pressure will only increase. Today, most big companies are starting to worry seriously about the environment, trying to adapt their procedures according to ISO 14000. Thus, the services related to waste management will have a high demand in order to allow these companies to dispose of their residues safely. We believe that the demand for this kind of service will increase in the industrial sector, as it has in the cleaning services sector.

Companies are also showing a great willingness to deal with a single source. Waste management is definitely not our client’s core business nor its core competence. In addition, waste management can become quite a complex subject depending on the type and amount of waste generated, thus demanding specialized attention. In our research with six major Brazilian companies (Philips, Ache, Alcoa, NSK, Siemens, Leiner Davis Gelatin), we have strongly confirmed our expectations. AIREX can be the single interface between the customer and all of the waste processors, which is the basis for our TOTAL SOLUTION® concept.

AIREX Concept
The figure above shows AIREX in the value chain. As can be seen in the figure, our company will offer a complete solution to companies that have any kind of waste in their process, transferring these residues to recycling companies, if possible, or to a safe disposal site.


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2. Business Description
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5. Operational Plan
6. Management and Organization
7. Capital Structure
8. Financial Projections
9. Conclusion
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Detailed Cash Flow
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