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AdGrove – Financial Summary

8.1 Deal Structure

Based on the detailed financial analysis presented in Appendix 9.3 and 9.4, is seeking $2 million in equity capital. In return for this investment, the investor will receive 11% of the outstanding common shares of The capital raised in this first round of equity financing will be used as follows:

First round Financing $2,000,000
Development Cost $1,000,000
Marketing & Advertising $500,000
Salary Expense $200,000
Office space leasing and other expense $300,000
Total $2,000,000 also intends to raise additional funds through 2nd and 3rd rounds of equity financing as follows:

October 2000
Second Round Financing $4,000,000
By end of 2nd quarter 2001
Third Round of Financing $4,250,000

The capital raised through these two rounds will be used to provide the working capital requirements. The largest part of these will be the advertising and marketing expenses. The initial investors will be given the first option to take part in these subsequent rounds of financing.

8.2 Investor Return will provide its investors a return on investment of 70%. The following table illustrates the calculation of the investor’s returns:

Investment Opportunity
Investment required $2,000,000
Equity Offered 11%
Industry Revenue Multiple 20
Year 5 Revenue $26,900,000
Terminal Value in 5 years with the liquidity discount of 50% $269,000,000
Value of investment in Year 5 $28,397,140
Return on Investment 70%

8.3 Risk Analysis

Although represents a great investment opportunity, there are inherent risks in the development of this online product, including:

  • Website traffic is lower than expected;
  • Small business online commerce is lower than anticipated;
  • Competition appears overnight;
  • Demand for advertising space outstrips available advertising space for sale;
  • Unmet product development schedule;
  • Unable to secure strategic partnerships for the terms articulated and must purchase ad space, and marketing lists direct.

8.3 Financial Review’s financial projections indicate the following: (See Appendix 9.4 – Financial Exhibits) Income/Expense Projections

8.5 Exit Strategy

There are two primary means of an exit strategy for’s investors:

  • Initial Public Offering. is forecasting an IPO approximately Q1, 2003;
  • Merger or acquisition. views this as the most viable harvest strategy for both the founders and the investors if the right opportunity presents itself. is an attractive acquisition for an Internet advertising website like, a competitor such as, or a potential player who would like access to our dedicated customers. A comparable company recently sold for $198 million to an online advertising conglomerate.
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2. Company Overview
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5. Marketing Plan
6. Operations Plan
7. Management
8. Financial Summary
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Revenue Model and Assumptions
Pro Forma Financial Statements
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