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AdGrove – Operations Plan will follow a three-phase start-up plan outlined below:

Phase One (Q1 2000)

  • Create a demonstration website;
  • Refine product and services mix;
  • Secure seed funding;
  • Create proposal for strategic alliances;
  • Secure bids on website hosting and development work;
  • Alpha test prototype website on focus group buyer and sellers

Phase Two (Q2 – Q3 2000)

  • Secure venture funding;
  • Hire Director of Finance and Director of Marketing;
  • Secure strategic alliances with RAB, independent radio stations, and market research firms;
  • Secure strategic alliance with U.S. Chamber of Commerce;
  • Outsource website development;
  • Secure advertising & public relations agency;
  • Further refine website, add national market research data;
  • Launch marketing plan in Austin as “pilot launch site”;
  • Beta test website in Austin market with all participating radio stations;
  • Hire 16 personnel in the website development, customer service, marketing, and sales arena.

Phase Three (Q4 2000)

  • Go “live” with national website;
  • Launch national advertising and marketing campaign in top 10 major radio/wired city markets, including: San Francisco, Atlanta, Washington, Seattle, Minneapolis, Boston, New York, Chicago, and Miami.
  • Issue “value reports” for first month of operation to radio station partners.
Table of Contents Appendices
1. Executive Summary
2. Company Overview
3. Products and Services
4. Market Analysis
5. Marketing Plan
6. Operations Plan
7. Management
8. Financial Summary
Management Team Resumes
Small Business Internet Use
Revenue Model and Assumptions
Pro Forma Financial Statements
Strategic Alliance Proposal
Most Wired Cities in America
Market Research
Sample Questionnaire
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