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2MBA – Appendix C

SWOT Analysis


  1. Alliance with Nestle
  2. Quality products
  3. Successfully test marketed in Australia
  4. Offer alternative to e-commerce ventures
  5. Skilled and committed team
  6. High margins on beverage appliances
  7. Outsourcing
  8. Low set up costs
Capitalize on Strengths

  1. Market entry and to gain market knowledge
  2. Favourable consumer perception
  3. Australia seen as test market ground for US
  4. Offers investor opportunity to balance portfolio
  5. Management has skills and experience in a variety of areas
  6. Ability to negotiate on bulk purchases
  7. Reduces capital costs
  8. Reduces investor’s risk and exposure

  1. Reliance on one client initially
  2. Exposure to fluctuating stainless steel costs
  3. Management team has not worked together for long period
  4. Board not yet finalized
  5. Sales team not yet in place
  6. Limited US experience
Address Weaknesses

  1. Committed to expansion
  2. High margins provide flexibility
  3. Independent Chairman appointed and Corporate Governance structures in place
  4. Positions to be offered to venture partners
  5. Professional sales team recruited with assistance of venture partners who will have affinity with, and experience in the food/beverage industry
  6. Addressed by introductions through venture partners and independent Chairman

  1. Expanding coffee market
  2. Multiple repeat purchases of product for other outlets operated by initial purchasers
  3. Unrestricted operating hours (MVU)
  4. Increasing awareness of specialty coffees
  5. Other markets (domestic and coin vending)
  6. Scope for innovation in existing market
Maximize Opportunities

  1. Build consumer preference for La Barista coffee
  2. Sell benefits
  3. Target diverse range of users
  4. Education of La Barista style coffee as option to specialist more expensive blends
  5. Ease, quality and consistency of produce ideal for introduction to home and coin vending market
  6. Commitment to relentless innovation ensures market bench marks challenged

  1. Imitation products
  2. Window of opportunity may be limited
  3. High number of competitors (MVU)
  4. Adverse reaction to soluble coffee
  5. Filtered coffee firmly established in US
Minimize Threats

  1. IP protection
  2. Venture turn-key and ready to be actioned
  3. Guaranteed demand through Nestle contract
  4. Backing of world’s largest coffee marketer
  5. Trend towards coffee savvy nation


Table of Contents Appendices
0. Executive Summary
1. The Offer
2. The Products
3. The Organization
4. Strategic Analysis
5. Key Strategic Issues
6. Marketing Plan
7. Production Plan
8. Organization Plan
9. Financial Plan
A. Internal Environment Analysis
B. Critical Risks and Problems
C. SWOT Analysis
D. Testimonials
E. Production Layout
F. Action Plan
G. Team Member Details
H. Reference Sources
I. Financial Analysis Worksheets
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