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2MBA – Marketing Plan

6.1 Marketing Objectives

  • Establish a strong presence in the US market
  • Use the Nestle association as a conduit for entry into the US market provide guaranteed demand, market penetration, nation wide distribution, and an opportunity to gauge market acceptance of La Barista at a reduced business and financial risk.
  • Utilize acquired market knowledge and presence to establish non-Nestle customers both through Nestle affiliations and through the efforts of 2MBA, Inc’s own sales force.
  • Establish significant high-margin sales.

6.2 Sales Forecasts

Based on the market research undertaken, strategies developed and existing customer relationships, the following sales forecasts were developed (in units):

Product Details Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5
La Barista
380 480
La Barista
320 1,520 2,720 3,920
Grand Total
La Barista
380 480

6.3 Sales Assumptions

Assumptions underlying the development of the sales forecasts are as follows:

Year 1

  • 100% of MVU production is sold to Nestle in accordance with the amount specified in the contract. This is a cautious market strategy allowing us to gain market acceptance and increase market knowledge.
  • $120,000 will be spent on developing the relationship with Nestle, acquiring and training a sales force, producing brochures, and seeking out the key decision-makers in food and beverage organizations.

Year 2

  • Nestle contract continues with increased supply to 480 MVU’s and 480 La Barista units
  • 320 La Barista units will be sold to new customers some of whom may be reached through Nestle affiliations and some as a result of our extensive marketing effort.
  • $600,000 will be spent creating excitement for La Barista, achieved through a strong trade show presence and developing trade show materials, a nation-wide personal selling campaign, and mailings of our direct marketing brochures.

Year 3

  • Nestle contract continues
  • 1,520 La Baristas will be sold to non-Nestle customers. This will require the forging of further strategic alliances.
  • $480,000 will be spent continuing the marketing effort commenced in Year 2.

Years 4 & 5

  • Nestle contract continues
  • Non-Nestle customers now represent the majority of our business with demand peeking in Year 5 as the benefits of our technology are recognized in the growing market.
  • $480,000 will be spent in each year continuing the search for further customers and developing the relationships with current customers.

6.4 Marketing Strategies

The key to the marketing strategy is to identify individuals in food and catering organizations with decision-making authority to acquire beverage appliances. These individuals can be reached through personal selling, direct mailings, trade shows, and business calls. The marketing approach will demonstrate the benefits of the 2MBA, Inc. products. Emphasis will be placed on how the La Barista creates superior cups of coffee, faster, consistently, and with less staff training.

6.4.1 Products

2MBA Inc.’s product offerings will be positioned as cost-effective, reliable, operational solutions to the current and future needs of the hectic pace of the retail beverage industry. La Barista and its successors will be the pinnacle in current soluble coffee technology, able to rival the most established roast and ground machines through their superior tasting coffee and superior convenience, speed, consistent output, ease of use and reliability, supported by a committed training and maintenance force. This will enable food chains previously cautious of introducing espresso and cappuccino into their product lines to do so at reduced risk.

6.4.2 Price

  • La Barista will be priced competitively at $6,500
  • This pricing strategy will be high enough to convince customers that they are purchasing an effective high-quality product. Primary research indicates that the target market is not price sensitive. The sales price will return an estimated 39% gross margin on sales.
  • The MVU’s price is the result of market research conducted by Nestle, the primary consumer,

6.4.3 Distribution

  • Product distribution will be facilitated by utilizing the distribution channels of the large corporations with whom we secure strategic alliances. Such corporations will typically have nation wide coverage.
  • This strategy will ensure a presence in the market that increases awareness and builds demand.

6.4.4 Promotion

2MBA Inc.’s entry into the US market will be supported by a campaign to establish its profile in the beverage appliance industry. This will include the following:

  • Seek out the decision-makers in large food and beverage corporations
  • Direct mail corporate material to the above
  • Undertake a campaign of personal selling, targeting decision-makers
  • Advertise in industry journals, on the Internet, and on our website
  • Attend/sponsor exhibitions and trade shows
  • Continual PR: press write-ups; personal interviews; testimonials; product trials


Table of Contents Appendices
0. Executive Summary
1. The Offer
2. The Products
3. The Organization
4. Strategic Analysis
5. Key Strategic Issues
6. Marketing Plan
7. Production Plan
8. Organization Plan
9. Financial Plan
A. Internal Environment Analysis
B. Critical Risks and Problems
C. SWOT Analysis
D. Testimonials
E. Production Layout
F. Action Plan
G. Team Member Details
H. Reference Sources
I. Financial Analysis Worksheets
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