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2MBA – The Organization

3.1 Registered Name

Manufacturing & Marketing Beverage Appliances, Incorporated (2MBA, Inc.)

3.2 Commencement of Operations

2MBA, Inc. will commence assembly operations in Pennsylvania in January 2001 (refer Appendix F).

3.3 History

This venture grew out of a relationship with the inventor of the MVU, Mr. Brian Pelerman, the Management team, and the strategy team of Nestle Australia. Brian’s innovation met the needs of Nestle’s cart/vending strategy and a subsequent 8 year arrangement for Brian’s company to manufacture the La Barista was entered into. In early to mid 1999 Nestle test marketed the MVU and La Barista in Australia. The venture has been extremely successful. As a result, Brian approached 2MBA, Inc. to assist him in developing a strategy to take the products into the American market. He and Nestle saw in the 2MBA, Inc. management team the necessary skills and drive that would ensure the success of the Australian project was replicated in the United States. The Nestle company are in the business of marketing brands, not manufacturing equipment, so there is a perfect fit between this larger company and the skills and products of JAJA Pty. Ltd. and MVU Pty. Ltd. Currently, there are negotiations continuing into Nestle adopting the MVU and La Barista worldwide. In the US market, 2MBA, Inc. will also target non-Nestle customers.

3.4 Mission Statement

2MBA, Inc. challenges benchmarks in the beverage appliance sector. We manufacture and market innovative beverage equipment products to corporate owners of major food brands. We find ways to “do what the others don’t”.

3.5 Vision Statement

Through our diverse professional skills and clarity of purpose and values, we aim to achieve an IPO (or Trade Sale) by 2006.

3.6 Organizational Objectives

  1. Finalize Nestle contract for supply of MVUs & La Barista units by October 2000.
  2. Achieve recurring profits of a minimum $7 million by Year 5.
  3. Research and establish three other innovative products by Year 3, ready to market by year six.

3.7 Organizational Values

  • Transparency in all dealings with key stakeholders
  • Commitment to customers
  • Collaborative approach to new products.

3.8 Founders and Management Team

The Management team is comprised of Anthony Underwood, Justine de Mestre, Adrian Wood and Justin Craig. The Management team is complimented by two advisors: Brian Pelerman (Strategy and Marketing advisor) and Alan Rotherhan (Technical advisor). The Management team is highly motivated, experienced and well qualified. The team is strongly positioned to take advantage of this opportunity (Appendix G). The team has:

  • Proven business start-up skills, with bottom line responsibility
  • Experience in business start up (finance, marketing, operations and legal aspects)
  • Personality profiles that reflect the synergies of cohesive group dynamics

Brian has significant skills and experience in marketing and strategy. Alan established the MVU factory in Australia (Appendix E).

3.9 Major Milestones Achieved to Date

  • Identification of unsatisfied market need to simplify coffee preparation while maintaining quality taste
  • In principle agreement with Nestle to supply 2,300 La Baristas and MVUs over 5 years
  • Successful trials of La Barista in Australia over 12 months
  • Blanket approval for the MVU by Melbourne City Council
  • Competitor analysis undertaken to establish uniqueness of La Barista product benefits
  • MBA, Inc. granted license for US market, with options on Canada, Mexico and South America, for La Barista
  • MBA, Inc. granted license by MVU Pty Ltd to assemble MVUs in the US in order to fulfill Nestle contract
  • Commitment of management team through investment of hurt money
  • Development of Business Plan

3.10 Brief Resumes of the Management Team

Anthony Underwood
President & CFO

Academic Qualifications: BBus (QUT) MBA(Bond) CPA
Positions held: Company Accountant; Manager Retail; CFO; CEO.
Anthony began his working life as an accountant and he has worked in that profession on a broad range of projects in various industries. Eight years ago he saw an opportunity to enter the retail sector and is currently the CEO of a card and giftware franchise chain (with 52 stores across Australia), that he has been instrumental in establishing.

Adrian Wood
VP Marketing

Academic Qualifications: MBA (Bond, part)
Positions held: Sales and Marketing Manager (Tourism Industry).
Adrian’s exposure to the corporate world has put him in contact with many of the decision makers in America’s Fortune 500 companies. He has progressively sought more challenging projects and experience with a sales and marketing focus.

Justin Craig
VP Production

Academic Qualifications: BBus BPsych (Hons) (Griffith)
Positions held: General Manager/Operations Manager (Corporate Catering Industry); Owner/ Operator (Hospitality Industry); Consultant/ Organizational Psychologist.
During a career spanning over 18 years, Justin has worked in various upper management positions in companies related to the hospitality and tourism industry. Through the completion of tertiary degrees, he has recently added theoretical content to his extensive operational skills.

Justine de Mestre
VP Corporate Affairs

Academic Qualifications: BA (Hons) (ANU) Grad Dip in Applied Finance and Investment (SIA) MusStud MBA (Bond)
Positions held: Operations Manager (Finance Industry); Curator (State Museum); Marketing Consultant (Banking Industry)
Justine’s career and academic achievements have ensured that she is able to analyze situations from a variety of perspectives. Her analytical skills, attention to detail and common sense approach is backed by exposure to a variety of industry sectors.

Brian Pelerman (Inventor)
Strategy and Marketing Advisor

Previous marketing and strategy advisor to Brambles (USA) and McDonalds (USA) and other organizations.

Alan Rotherhan
Technical Advisor

Successfully taken and harvested two engineering ventures in the USA and developed successful fully operated assembly line in Australia.

3.11 Business Structure

The proposed business structure is:

3.12 Board Structure

The Investor, in addition to the capital introduced to the venture, will also have experience in dealing with and/or contacts in customer large organizations who are active in our markets. Such organizations would include large retailers that sell take away coffee to the public.

An independent non-executive Chairperson will be appointed. This person will be able to introduce the Management team to owners of major corporate brands and will have developed a reputation for integrity in all business dealings. This Chairperson will be familiar with what is involved in preparing companies for an IPO and preferably have successfully taken a company to this stage.

The Management team’s company will be represented on the Board by two members. Initially, these will be Anthony Underwood and Justine de Mestre.

MVU Pty. Ltd. will have one seat.


Table of Contents Appendices
0. Executive Summary
1. The Offer
2. The Products
3. The Organization
4. Strategic Analysis
5. Key Strategic Issues
6. Marketing Plan
7. Production Plan
8. Organization Plan
9. Financial Plan
A. Internal Environment Analysis
B. Critical Risks and Problems
C. SWOT Analysis
D. Testimonials
E. Production Layout
F. Action Plan
G. Team Member Details
H. Reference Sources
I. Financial Analysis Worksheets
All information herein is confidential and belongs to 2MBA, Inc.
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