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2MBA – The Products

2MBA, Inc. has two innovative initial products, La Barista and the Mobile Vending Units (MVU). Research and development is currently being undertaken on subsequent coffee related products. La Barista is a breakthrough technology and is the only patented coffee machine in the world that makes a cappuccino style coffee from soluble coffee and fresh milk. The MVU is a state of the art multi-purpose retailing unit that has a combination of many innovative, user friendly features not included on carts presently available.

2.1 La Barista

La Barista automatically makes great tasting coffee consistently every time. Designed to resemble an espresso machine, La Barista makes specialty coffees from soluble powder and fresh milk. There are two versions of the machine. The auto-frothing model offers both auto and manual frothing. When using the auto frother for making one cup, the auto-frother arm curls around and dispensers milk straight into the cup. Only one button is needed to make cappuccino. The second model allows only manual frothing-for those occasions when the theatre of great coffee is more important than the volume and a trained barista is at hand. The main benefits of La Barista over existing cappuccino machines is saving of time in coffee preparation, potentially a greater financial return from increased turnover, no formal training is required, consistent quality and use of multiple soluble coffee (see below for “benefits comparison”).

La Barista Espresso Coffee Machines
Minimal operator training required Trained operator always required to make good coffee
Consistent quality coffee Taste depends on the operator’s ability, coffee grind and maintenance
Limited cleaning (automatic- frother cleaning) Daily cleaning of espresso machine, grinder, `showers’ and group heads
Low maintenance High maintenance
Coffee portion of cappuccino produced in four seconds Coffee portion of cappuccino produced in 25-30 seconds
Small `foot print’ Can take up relatively large bench space area
Sleek design Bulky design
Inputs inexpensive Inputs relatively expensive

La Barista has a Trade Mark application number (82930) and a Provisional Patent application number (PQ6877).

La Barista
La Barista

  • Single boiler produces steam and water (new patented technology!)
  • Operates on 10-20 amps
  • Minimal training
  • Extraordinary output
  • Coffee quality matches R&G espresso machine
  • Serves up to four different types of coffees at the same time
Competing Coffee Appliance Comparison
Benefits La Barista Coffeetek Expresso Machines
Design How does the La Barista rate to other machines on design appearance? 5 2 3
Maintenance * How does the La Barista compare on maintenance record? 5 3 3
Efficiency How efficient is the La Barista at producing quality coffee quickly? 5 3 2
Foot Print Compared to other machines, how does the La Barista compare in terms of how much bench space it takes up? 4 3 2
Power needs How does the La Barista rate on energy efficiency, when compared to other machines? 4 2 1
Self clean When compared to other machines, how does the La Barista rate in terms of time taken to clean? 5 3 1
*per Nestle Australia trials Legend: 5=excellent; 1=poor 28 16 12

2.2 The Mobile Vending Unit

The MVU as a Cafe Nescafe operation
The MVU is a mobile retail shop. It is a quality unit that outclasses other retail carts through its portability, durability, and distinctive appearance. It is truly mobile and has been designed for single-handed operation and relocation from loading and unloading, to setting up for the day, and locking up at night. It combines serving counter, side benches, and canopy that are all opened in less than a minute. The elegant simplicity of the unit belays the sophistication of design and its sturdy construction. The MVU incorporates a dry-storage cupboard, refrigerator and double sinks with hot and cold filtered running water. The MVU offers the convenience of the Energy Management Unit (EMU, a load sharing energy system that allows heavy appliances to be powered from a 15-amp power outlet). The MVU provides a mobile upmarket, innovative platform for the La Barista that allows quality coffee to be taken to the customer.

Mobile Vending Unit Comparisons
Benefits When compared to other units MVU Carts of Colarado Cambro ABC M’ing
Appearance How does the ‘eye’ appeal of the MVU rate? 5 3 2 4
Durability The MVU is built to last, how does it rate against other units? 5 3 2 4
Portability The MVU is designed to slide thru domestic doorways and fit into domestic lifts, how do other units compare? 5 1 4 2
Mobility The MVU can be operated and transported by a single operator, how does this benefit compare with other units in the market? 5 2 5 3
Power needs (EMU) The Energy Management Unit fitted to the MVU means that the unit can be operated using normal power supply. How do the others rate operating the same equipment? 5 0 0 0
Security Security is vital in vending machine. How is the MVU rated on this dimension against other units? 5 3 1 3
Legend: 5=excellent; 0=poor 30 12 14 16


Table of Contents Appendices
0. Executive Summary
1. The Offer
2. The Products
3. The Organization
4. Strategic Analysis
5. Key Strategic Issues
6. Marketing Plan
7. Production Plan
8. Organization Plan
9. Financial Plan
A. Internal Environment Analysis
B. Critical Risks and Problems
C. SWOT Analysis
D. Testimonials
E. Production Layout
F. Action Plan
G. Team Member Details
H. Reference Sources
I. Financial Analysis Worksheets
All information herein is confidential and belongs to 2MBA, Inc.
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