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MOOT CORP® Competition
“The Super Bowl of Business Plan Competition.” Business Week


The MOOT CORP® Competition simulates entrepreneurs asking investors for funding. MBAs from the best business schools in the world present their business plans to panels of investors. The investors then choose the best new venture. All participants benefit from the opportunity to:

  • crystallize their thinking in preparing to present to the investors,
  • receive feedback and advice from distinguished investors, entrepreneurs, and support professionals,
  • network with fellow MBA entrepreneurs
  • become more skilled in analyzing, writing, and presenting business plans

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The following business plans were presented at MOOT CORP® Competition. Read the details of any of these plans or select from the list below the best example of each specific topic.

2MBA, Inc. World Champion
Manufacturing and Marketing Beverage Appliances, Inc. (2MBA) develops innovative beverage equipment for corporate owners of major food brands. Best Written Plan
SanaSana is a B2B2C internet service for consumers of health care and the payers, providers and suppliers of health services in the Hispanic community.
Fabrica Co., Ltd. Former World Champion
Fabrica is a provider of woven fabric samples from the KS Loom, which gives buyers the chance to see the actual colors and feel the precise texture of what they desire in less than one-tenth the time usually required for making samples with a production-weaving machine.
Vusion, Inc. First Runner-Up
Vusion is developing a chemical analyzer and Sensor Cartridge, based upon the Electronic TongueTMtechnology, which can instantly analyze complex chemical solutions.
JetFan Technology Ltd. Second Runner-Up
JetFan was established to develop and manufacture commercial applications for an innovative fan-blade technology. Market applications include those in compact electronic equipment cooling; heating ventilation and cooling; and domestic appliances.

Internet Services:
AdGrove serves as a sales channel for radio ads. Stations can list ad space and broker sales. Buyers can search for available ad space, plan ad campaigns, buy with discounts, and monitor services.
ePower Systems
ePower uses the Internet to provide utility companies with electronic billing and bill payment. The utility achieves significant cost savings by replacing paper bills, faster payment cycles and an interactive marketing connection to their customers. offers online purchase and download of music files to be written to CD for play on a conventional player.
Mindshaker provides a single, online source of proven books, articles by academic and industry experts, cases and value added learning aids for more than 2.8 million graduate students and the faculty that instruct them.
ProTrax, Inc.
ProTrax offers customized advertising services on the Internet for organizations seeking highly specialized employees.
Boomerang Pharmaceutical Communications
Boomerang provides educational programs on the Internet to medical and therapeutic practitioners


Momentex markets beverages, snacks and entertainment items to drivers at toll booths.
VeriType is a medical software company that allows medical service providers to ensure compliance with government regulations and avoid fines and minimize errors.
Time Merchants
Time Merchants references consumers to qualified service providers and provides home delivery of goods and services.
Eurosky offers shared, fractional ownership of aircraft. The Business Plan is capital intensive and is based upon the founders’ specialized knowledge of the industry.
Green Design Group
Green provides apparel design, import and marketing of active sportwear. It generates revenue through consulting, royalties and imports.
Airex offers contract disposal and management of industrial residues based upon the specialized engineering expertise of the founders.
Detailed, technical business plan in the field of drug screening for pharmaceutical companies using yeast genetic engineering in the discovery of new drugs.
Walking Peru
Walking Peru is a recreational tourism company that offers opportunities to visit choice tourist attractions through passive recreational sports.


Breeze Technology, Inc.
Breeze has designed a new athletic shoe that is air-cooled with both cost and performance advantages over existing products. The Business Plan documents a strategy for licensing the technology to existing manufacturers.
J.H. Reid Corporation
J.H.Reid Corp. manufactures a revolutionary chair for watching television in a home entertainment center.
Application Technologies
Application Technologies introduces a packaging product which is unit-dose and disposable including a built-in applicator, aimed at the medical and personal care markets.
Expert Application Systems, Inc.
EASI develops packaged software systems for growth markets and needs capital for market expansion.
True Dimensions, Inc.
True Dimensions manufactures and markets ultra-contemporary, ergonomic furnishings and is looking for funding to expand their market.
EcoClear, Inc.
EcoClear developed an innovative self-cleaning water filtration technology and plans to expand their market.
In the Pipeline
Identifies, develops, and promotes innovative products from concept to commercialization for repair, redesign and installation of PVC pipe.
Independence Marine
Independence Marine has completed production tooling and field testing of products that aid in environmentally sustainable harvest of ocean resources. They are seeking capital for production ramp and marketing.
Zif Medical Devices
Zif has developed a new safety syringe for protecting medical personnel from needle-sticks. The Business Plan discusses licensing the technology to others and a plan for manufacturing and distributing.

These business plans are presented here to benefit and promote the MOOT CORP® Competition. The information and ideas contained in these business plans are the proprietary, sole and exclusive property of the companies’ founders.

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