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The financial statements (US$) are included in Appendix 4 (starting page 29).

Required funds and uses. Prior to July of 1999, ar.com requires an initial investment of $330,000 in exchange for 10% of common shares. These funds will be used to finance the design of ar.com's web site ($ 50,000), the rest of the proceeds will be used to acquire computer equipment, pay wages and salaries, and to provide working capital.

Assumptions. The following describes the major assumptions underlying ar.com's projected financial statements. Please see Appendix 4, page 3, for market share and sales assumptions

Table of ContentsAppendices
1. Executive Summary
2. The Opportunity
3. Operations
4. Marketing Plan
5. Industry Analysis
6. Management Team
7. Financials
Technology Dissemination
Industry Information
Curriculum Vitaes
Media Calendar
audiorush.com web site
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Positioning Map
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