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Application Technologies Inc.
Business Description

Vision Statement

Application Technologies will become a leading developer of proprietary, innovative and value-added packaging delivery systems for consumable products.

Mission Statement

Application Technologies' primary goal is to deliver innovative and value-added unit dose packaging technologies that create better efficacy and ease of use in topical consumable products. By supplying superior packaging to the consumer, Application Technologies will provide an optimum return on investment to our investors, our strategic partners and our employees.

Current Status

Application Technologies have succeeded in raising a total of $ 455,000 in venture financing. The first round of funds of $ 230,000 are currently being applied towards completion of product development and experimental tooling, while the second round of funding serves to start operations and bring the key founding executives on staff full time. Application Technologies have been incorporated as a California C-corporation, and will become fully operational during May 1999. The inventor of the Appli-K pouch assigned all patent rights for the Appli-K technology to us at incorporation.

Business Model

The business model of Application Technologies is primarily driven by the unique opportunities offered by our first packaging technology, the Appli-K Pouch.

Description of the Appli-K Packaging Technology

The Appli-K Pouch is a utility patent-pending packaging with built-in applicator. The unique features of the pouch provide opportunities to enhance existing products and develop new products in a wide range of categories.

The Problem

Unit-dose packaging is becoming a major trend in the $86 billion packaging industry. Pouches and gelcaps are now prominent in a wide range of categories, specifically in skin care, cosmetics and pharmaceutical topical applications.

Currently the only way to apply these packaged ingredients is to tear open the pouch, squirt the ingredient into your hand and apply it to the desired area. Now the ingredient has put unnecessary mess on your hand and has also been contaminated prior to application. And you may even have had to use additional applicators such as cotton balls and Q-tips. It's inconvenient and non-sterile.

A unit-dose package with built-in applicator solves this problem. However, to date, there has been no cost efficient way to produce an applicator that enables sterile application or make a unit-dose package that is convenient to use.

The Appli-K Solution

The Appli-K Pouch is the first ever unit-dose packaging that addresses the above-described problem. This solution is based upon the following unique benefits:

All of these create convenience for the consumer and a sterile application and environment.

Using the Appli-K Pouch as our core technology, Application Technologies will follow a 3-tiered approach, as shown below, to bring the product to market.

Our complete business model is shown graphically below:

Application Technologies Inc.
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