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Zif Medical Devices
Corporate Values

Zif will operate with the following corporate values, vision, and mission statement:

Values:Integrity Nothing but the highest level of integrity will be acceptable.
TeamworkEffective teamwork is key to our company's success.
Individual Individuals are valued, trusted and respected assets of the corporation.
PerformanceWe expect a high level of achievement and contribution from all employees. Employees will be compensated based on individual and team performance.
CommunityWe will contribute a percentage of our time and resources to improving the community in which we live and work.
Vision:To obsolete the standard syringe through superior design, performance, and value.
Mission:To provide a high return on investment through the marketing of safe, reliable, and effective medical syringes.

Zif Medical Devices
Table of ContentsAppendices
0. Executive Summary
1. Product Design
2. Market Analysis
3. Commercial Options
4. Marketing Strategy
5. Manufacturing Plan
6. Organization
7. Corporate Vision, Mission
8. Financial Plan
Depreciation Schedule
S&A Budgets
Sales Forecast
Focus Group Summaries
Management Resumes
Patent Attorney's Opinion
FDA Consultant's Option
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