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Walking Peru
Competitive Advantages

Walking Peru will implement a general differentiation strategy based on the following main criteria:

Specific competitive advantages
Walking Peru's main advantages are the following:

Other policy priorities are as follows:

How to preserve the competitive edge. Costs and resources.
A differentiation strategy adopted from the launching of the Airwalk business line requires increased costs to achieve:

Efforts will be directed at maintaining a high standard of quality services, in terms of both human resources (flight instructors and assistants), and excursion equipment. Instructors will stay in Peru for only six months at a time to:

An additional consideration is that all services will be supplied near the customer. For instance, customer pick-up transportation will have to be carefully programmed on site when take off and landing sites do not coincide. Likewise, travelers not wishing to walk from/to departure sites will be provided appropriate transportation.

6 INRENA is the government agency charged with preservation and conservation of the Machu Picchu Historical Sanctuary, the Huascaran National Park and the Paracas Natural Reserve.

Walking Peru
Table of ContentsAppendices
0. Executive Summary
1. Product Concept
2. Tourism Industry
3. Market Analysis
4. Competitive Advantages
5. Products
6. Marketing Plan
7. Operations
8. Organization
9. Financial Results
Perus's tourist calendar
Survey and Results
Operations schedule
Investment budget
Capacity expansion
Revenues first year
Most likely scenario
Contingency scenario
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