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Competitor Analysis

Exhibit 11 - Competitor Analysis - Textbook sales

Competitor Geographic CoverageProducts/ServiceStartedStrengthsWeaknesses
Amazon.comUnited States and EuropeBooks, Video, Music1997- Brand equity
- Capital raising
- Portal agreements
- Primary ecommerce provider
- Not education focused
- Minimal user customization
- Limited textbook selection
Varsitybooks.com60 universitiesCollege textbooksAugust 1998- First mover
- Use of wholesaler
- reduces costs and eliminates inventory management
- Use wholesaler;
limits book selection
- Minimal customization
- Focus on undergraduate market
Bigwords.comCalifornia universitiesCollege textbooksSeptember 1998- Incentive programs
- Book buyback
- Unappealing web design
- Limited schools
- Inefficient search capability
Efollett.com500+ universitiesCollege textbooksJanuary 1999Affiliated with largest campus bookstore chain- Limited to schools where it has bookstores
- No customization

Mindshaker.com will create a new industry and define new value-added services for college students and professors

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Competitor Analysis
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