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EcoClear Inc.
Financial Plan


Summary Financial Results (Expected Scenario)

Cash Balance($)51,660207,3301,414,6493,312,6914,856,680

The Internal Rate of Return (IRR) calculated from the projected profit streams and the end of year 5 valuation of the company (P/E = 10) is 112%. The Net Present Value (NPV) discounted at 40% is $4.5 million.

Key Performance Indicators

NPAT as % of Sales-31019404445
NPAT as % of Total Assets-17243575245
NPAT as % of Paid Capital-4624145288353
NPAT as % Shareholder's Funds-1725510610378

Proforma Financial Statements

The following tables show the forecast Profit and Loss statements, Cash Flows and Balance Sheets for the first five years of operation under the 'Expected Scenario'.

The Deal

EcoClear Inc. is seeking, in an Investor.,

The Investor will receive from EcoClear Inc.:

Dividend Streams ($)

EntitiesShare of Equity19971998199920002001
New Endeavour20%016,30996,756192,467236,130
Port Bargo16.5%013,59180,630160,389196,775
New Investor33%027,182161,260320,778393,550


The EcoClear water filtration technology is truly innovative. It satisfies long felt needs in the US pool filtration industry. It also offers promising applications in other industries and geographical markets. The management team trusts you will agree that EcoClear Inc. represents an exciting and lucrative investment. The management team look forward to discussing this opportunity with you in greater detail.

EcoClear, Inc.
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Direct Production Costs
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