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EcoClear Inc.
The Company

The Business and its Principal Activities

EcoClear Inc.'s mission is to profitably supply environmentally friendly water filtration systems. The launch product is an innovative self-cleaning swimming pool filter and our lead international market is the US, following the successful testing and launch of the product in Australia. The immediate goals are to secure a licensing agreement with a major American pool industry manufacturer, gain funding for initial working capital, and continue R&D activities to apply the technology to other industries and guarantee the long term success of the company.

The Product

The pool industry has long felt the need for a better filtration technology. Pools are typically filtered by Diatomaceous Earth (DE), sand, or cartridge filters. These filters waste time, energy, water and chemicals in the cleaning (or back washing) function, and offer varying levels of filtration effectiveness. (For background information on pool filtration, refer to Appendix A).

EcoClear is a self-backwashing filter that is more economical, environmentally friendly, and consistently filters to a finer level than existing pool filtration products. It is the invention of an Australian engineer with considerable experience in both the pool and plastic industries.

EcoClear works on the principle of increasing water pressure (caused by the normal congestion of the filter screen) triggering an automatic reversal of water flow back through the filter screen, carrying the sediment away to waste. The resultant drop in water pressure immediately causes a latch mechanism to reset the filter to the filtration mode, and the filter cycle begins again. This self-cleaning process is virtually instantaneous, happens once every 1-4 hours when the pump is running (depending on water condition), and sends only about half a gallon of water to waste each time it cycles. (Schematic diagrams illustrating this process are shown in Appendix B).

EcoClear's Benefits

EcoClear Inc. has identified 10 benefits of the product relative to the criteria that the pool industry and their customers use in their purchase decisions.

Product Comparison

The following table indicates that EcoClear outperforms the other filter types not only overall, but on every purchase decision criteria.

Decision CriteriaFilter Types
Production Cost/Price7649
Water Clarity5489
Water Conservation6449
Chemical Saving6429
Electricity Saving5559
Time Saving4848
Financial risk4648
Health Risk810010
Space Savings6569
Ongoing Costs5758
Total Scores56594288
(*Rating Scale: 10 = best possible solution, 0= worst solution)
EcoClear, Inc.
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