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Boomerang Pharmaceutical Communications
The Management

8.1. The Team

We believe that the management team is the most important factor in the success of the company. We are convinced that we can make money and be personally rewarded in a field that fits our professional experience/training and which we all find extremely motivating and interesting.

Attributes of the management team that are particularly beneficial to the Company include the following:

8.2. Organizational Structure

A pervading sense of teamwork and egalitarianism has inspired the partners to create a holding company where all team members are equal. However, BOOMERANG realizes that from an operational standpoint that a formal, hierarchical decision-making structure is needed at the operational level. BOOMERANG has therefore established an organigram for the operational level which outlines the reporting structure and functional responsibilities. Although maximum effort will be made to make communal decisions based on mutual respect and negotiation, it is Mr. Davis who will make the final call in the case of a deadlock. Team members who have been in the minority have demonstrated the professionalism and resiliency to accept the final decision. See Boomerang Organigram. in Appendix D.

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