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Key Strategic Issues

5.1 Sustainable Competitive Advantage

2MBA, Inc. will "succeed" because of the following:

5.2 Basis for Growth

The basis for growing the venture is reflected in the following two strategies:

Priority 1: continue research and development of new and innovative products to meet the current and future needs of beverage appliance consumers.

Priority 2: Enter new geographic markets (Canada, South America and Mexico).

Table of ContentsAppendices
0. Executive Summary
1. The Offer
2. The Products
3. The Organization
4. Strategic Analysis
5. Key Strategic Issues
6. Marketing Plan
7. Production Plan
8. Organization Plan
9. Financial Plan
A. Internal Environment Analysis
B. Critical Risks and Problems
C. SWOT Analysis
D. Testimonials
E. Production Layout
F. Action Plan
G. Team Member Details
H. Reference Sources
I. Financial Analysis Worksheets
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